Abrams Valuation Group, Inc.
Uniquely Applying Original Valuation Theory

"I would recommend Mr. Abrams for any type of expert valuation issue."

— Thomas M. Monson, Miller, Monson, Peshel, Polacek & Hoshaw


Valuation Services

Abrams Valuation Group, Inc., uses its expertise to help clients in business transactions, litigation, and tax planning. Our clients use our valuations for many purposes:

  • Litigation Economics: Our staff provide expert testimony and damage calculations for lawsuits regarding impaired assets and loss of shareholder value. We can help determine if a loss has occurred, provide a scientific basis for calculating the amount, and give expert testimony about our findings in court.
  • Taxation: Businesses need valuations for income-tax purposes when they spin off technologies or products or restructure in other ways. Alternatively, individuals, couples, and trusts may need valuations for tax planning when interests in family-owned businesses and family limited partnerships are transferred to a loved one. Our firm is expert in determining the fair market value of these interests and helping our clients with planning for estate, gift, and income taxes.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: AVGI can analyze a merger or acquisition, ascertain the fair market value of a business, and consult on the structure and terms of a proposed deal.

  • Buy-Sell Agreements: In preparation for sales or in tax planning, we provide expert calculations of the values of shares to change hands in a buy-sell agreement.

  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs): Our firm's valuation satisfies all legal requirements regarding the valuation of securities placed into ESOPs.

  • Fairness Opinions: AVGI drafts independent, third-party fairness opinions on transactions to satisfy the requirements of minority shareholders and other parties.

  • Solvency Opinions: We offer opinions about the solvency of business entities, which are often critical to investors and lenders in a leveraged buyout.

  • Other Financial and Economic Consulting: Our firm's background in corporate finance and economics can help your business in many other ways, including strategic planning, financial analysis, restructuring efforts, and due diligence.

Exit Planning and M&A Advisory Services

To better serve our clients and referral sources, we have expanded into exit planning and M&A advisory, where we apply deep subject matter expertise and critical insight to help business owners plan and achieve their personal, business, and financial goals:

  • Exit Planning: For a business owner, exiting a business is one of the most important life events.  The business usually represents the vast majority of net worth, and the exit decision often involves deep and complex emotions. A well structured exit planning process enables business owners to identify and achieve their personal, business, and financial goals and promotes a successful transition.  Our exit planning advisory practice is headed by Chaim Borevitz, Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) and member of the Exit Planning Institute, the premier organization of the exit planning profession.
  • M&A Advisory:  Through AVGI's sister company, Abrams M&A Advisors, we help business owners sell their business and raise capital.  Selling a business is complicated, time consuming and in most cases, a very significant, once in a lifetime event.  You need someone with experience to help guide you through the intricacies of the process, and Abrams M&A Advisors, Inc. perfectly fits the bill. Abrams M&A Advisors, Inc., a member of the Acuity Capital Network, has the experience, skills and affiliations to help you achieve your objectives.  Using Abrams M&A Advisors, Inc. to represent you while selling your company will let you do what you do best – run your business – while an experienced professional helps you reach your financial goals.