Abrams Valuation Group, Inc.
Uniquely Applying Original Valuation Theory

"I bought the business for 30 percent of the offering price."

— John Pullen, Ph.D., Center for Help for Anxiety/Agorophobia

Why Choose AVGI?

There are many business valuation firms, but few national figures in the field. Choosing a nationally recognized expert and innovator in business valuation such as Jay Abrams can give you a unique advantage: 

In mergers and acquisitions and buy-sell transactions, bringing a widely known authority into a negotiation brings a degree of confidence to a transaction. The quality of our work makes the difference between a successful transaction and a failed one or a prompt conclusion versus a long, drawn-out negotiation.

Valuation reports used for tax planning purposes can come under the scrutiny of the IRS. Our clients benefit from having a strong valuation defended by one of the most well-published valuations experts in the United States. While our clients experience few audits, we have an excellent record in defending our work.

In the context of litigation, our firm's credentials, detailed work product, and clear explanations create confidence among juries and judges, which can prove critical to the final outcome.